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One of the most talented bass players of the last 2 decades. He grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and is in the band 311. He plays a warwick bass, and can play anything and then some.
P-nut, beat that thang!
#311 #p-nut #bass #player #talent
by lanalove April 13, 2011
An amazing band. They are the most talented and original band out there. The band includes Nick Hexum, P-nut, miT(Tim Mahoney), Chad Sexton, and Sa martinez, all of which are amazing musicians. They have been together for 20 years and counting,as they continue to tour every summer with bands such as pepper, the offspring, and sublime. They also continue to put out kick ass records every few years. People who hate 311 often enjoy listening to artists such Kesha or Justin Beiber and have a dull taste in music. 311 has a song for every mood and occasion.
Jump up and down cuz that's the 311 stylee
#311 #band #nick #hexum #p-nut #talent
by lanalove April 13, 2011
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