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1) A question used to determine the understanding of what is being said.

2) Replaces "do you know what i am saying?"
Example #1:
If you run the car outta gas, it gonna be a long walk home - namsen?

Example #2:
I'm allergic to fat chicks - namsen?

Example #3:
You better clean your room, or we are gonna have a talk - namsen?
by LaMo December 09, 2013
a cool kid who plays bass and reads for fun
madeline- that kid is reading the alchemist while simultaneously playing "sinister minister" on the bass guitar
trey- man he's such a reed immer
by lamo January 14, 2004
originating from the word "chaos" (to be pronounced phonetically)-chozeface is often used to describe someone who is acting stupidly or unreasonably in a situation.
Man, I was right in the middle of a story and this chozeface broke into song and dance out of nowhere and ruined it.
by lamo October 13, 2004
sketchy or sketch.

it originates from a tofurkey loaf, which is without a doubt, a tad bit sketchy.

it can even be used in mid sentence where loaf it doesn't really make sense. it's very versatile.

use it. love it.
1. wowzers, this tofurkey is loaf.

2. uhhhh guys? this place is loaf, let's book.

3. LOAF! (for no reason)
by lamo January 15, 2005
a secret way of saying fuck.

must be said in a weird foreign accent for full effect.

also, must be said atleast once when you're shopping for shower curtains and going cozmic bowling.
Lindsay- hey Neika let's go jam at Steph's house!

Neika- cool, grab your guitar.

Lindsay- oh, i forgot it.


when Neika takes a big shit she calls Lindsay for some inspiration. Lindsay says "fouche and douche i'm coming to hold your hand."
by lamo March 25, 2005
(n) To make a purchase out of the ordinary in terms of monitary value. Often for someone else, bank rolls also define those with a generous mentality, or someone who just wants to look like a baller.
-Using a credit card automaticly constitutes a bank roll.(it's money you don't have)
-To make a purchase that is a little bit obscene.
-Can be used often generally in life.
1. Vargha bank rolled a meal for Melissa with his credit card when she came to visit.

2. Dispite Nima's lack of funds, he managed to bank roll a flight to Toronto for his graduation.

3. If you're in a play, and you're role is the bank. You are a bank roll.

4. A hurricane hits and rolls the bank. Bank roll to the extreme.

5. Summersaulting into the bank. Acrobatic bank roll.

6. and if you're standing at the bank of a river....and a rock rolls by....uh...yeah.

7. To take a shot in basketball, bank it off the board, roll around the rim and go in. Truly a bank roll.
by lamo November 16, 2004
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