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A wimp. A total loser or party pooper. A softy. Someone who cannot handle challenge. A scaredycat. A coward
Figure1- Wanna ride the roller coaster with me ?
Figure2- Nah man, I don't really want to.
Figure1- C'mon man, stop being a dipsy doodle!
by laminlover#5 April 04, 2013
A total bitch

A bitchy person

A cranky, mean Girl/Boy

An unkind person or an unreasonable person
Figure1- Hey, wanna come to my party?
Figure2- No! Your parties are always horrible!
Figure3- Stop being such a sour nugget!

Girl1- I love your top!
Girl2- I love it too! Your's is okay.
Girl1- Whatever, sour nugget.
by laminlover#5 April 04, 2013

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