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1) verb - To unscrupulously obtain, possess, or gain materials, goods, services, or possessions. An unconscionable action that oppresses, suppresses, or takes advantage of an individual or an individual's situation for one's own personal gain. Also colloquially known as 'to screw someone over'.

2) verb – To wait until the very end to charge group lunches with a credit card, and take all the cash that has been placed by others for the bill. The 'justering' occurs twofold; first, there is usually extra cash in the form of change or overpayment, since many people typically only have $20 bills. The 'juster' keeps this extra change. Second, the 'juster' accumulates airline mile points so that he/she (mostly a 'he') can fly to New York, free of charge.

3) adj – the bastion of inefficiency; governmental, bureaucratic effectiveness.

4) noun – A person who hordes virtual or physical possessions; this type of person may use work server space to store MP3 song files, or stock his filing cabinet up with food once the Costco shipment arrives. Many times, this may come in the form of 'freeloading'.

5) noun - an individual who cuts peanut butter sandwiches into 4 triangles, and sprinkles baked goods (such as chips or pretzels) around the plate as garnish.
1) We were playing Settlers of Catan. When you moved the robber on my land, you JUSTERED me!

2) I put in a $20 for my $12 meal, but didn't get any change back. Dangit, I got JUSTERED!

3) What a JUSTER…he wrote 3 VLASYS scripts for each URL, when he only needed to write a D-Get line!!

4) Where did all the Snapple and Snickers bars go? Aw…JUSTER took them!

5) What a JUSTER meal…PBJ and pretzels again?!
by lamerrr February 19, 2009

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