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7 definitions by lameo

Someone you don't like who drinks more than you do.
by lameo June 07, 2003
537 223
White Samuri!
One who thinks their asian.
Someone who drives a mazda protege 5 lowered with asian stickers.
Dates a kelly.
Rye San is so asian.
by Lameo February 08, 2005
14 7
A wanna be asian whom submits to older white women. aka boy toy
Look at those Onions!
by Lameo February 09, 2005
14 9
Someone who is vertically challenged.
He can't reach the box up there because he is a rye san.
by Lameo February 09, 2005
7 6
One who burns iso's all day for their superiors to use in the lab. One who's biggest weakness is networking. Should be in lab all day and night. 24/7 lab weenie.
Thank god I'm not a lab monkey like Rye San
by Lameo February 16, 2005
15 18
One who is designated lab monkey by his manager. Someone one the bottom of the shit pile.
OH man I hope I never become a rye san.
by Lameo February 14, 2005
4 8
aka Rye San as in bring your toothbrush!
Who is Shannon's boy toy?
by Lameo February 09, 2005
17 130