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A game you can play with your Sky remote.

You may have noticed, if you press the '0' button on your remote it will appear, as if you intend to change the channel for approximately 10 seconds before disappearing.
If you press the '0' button four times in a row, a red error message will occur that reads 'Channel Unavailable'.
Well, in the art of Noughties, the aim is to make this message occur in the longest time possible, i.e. wait as long as possible before pressing the next '0' without the previous '0' disappearing and continue this until the message occurs.

The maximum possible time is 30 seconds.
Guy 1: Mann this shit is boring, why are we even watching it?
Guy 2: I dunno.. fancy a game of Noughties?
Guy 1: Ok, i'll time you!
by lameguy56 August 20, 2008

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