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2 definitions by lambshank

A sex god known for having a raging 10 footer that instills fear in men that he may steal their girlfriends.

He is also well know for these quotes:
"I hate the gays but love lesbian porn"
"You are all just scared of my dick"
"Come here and take it like the bitch you are"
Dude 1- You see that guy over there?
Dude 2- The one who looks like a Scott Lambie?
Dude 1- Yeah that is the one. He stole my girl.
Dude 2- What a douche.
by Lambshank January 09, 2014
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this is the word given to a gang from the west side of locking castle, it's not a good idea to mess with them cause there hard as fuck!
don't mess with the westlocs yeah cause they will pop you, you bitch ass nigga
by lambshank March 24, 2005
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