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being so horny and having such a big erection that it feels like its gonna explode. Especially painful while wearing pants cause it gets bent out of shape.
Oh Baby, you're givin me a hard-OW!!! Damnit! Stop makin me so horny! Im wearing skinny jeans......oh well, take it off girl!
by lamblikerockets September 06, 2010
"So Sexy for His/Her Personality"
Daaang, she maybe be bucktoothed but she is SSHP!
by lamblikerockets September 06, 2010
"So Sexy for No Reason"

an acronym used by Ne-Yo while on Chelsea Handlers talk show while talking about how he doesn't have the face of Chris Brown or the body of Usher, but he's still SSNR cause of his personality...yes, i know, technically he's "So Sexy for His Personality" but he said it, not me. Now I have to make a new definition because I just made up "So Sexy for His/Her Personality". Crap.
Anybody can be SSNR, as long as they have the personality for it.
by lamblikerockets September 06, 2010

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