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south African language meaning 'i love you.'
when you meet the right guy you will finally say 'ek is leif vir jou'!!
by laliepoppers17 April 22, 2008
an Afrikaans word meaning the segment of an orange, Clementine or tangerine able to come apart without juice squirting everywhere

pronounced ( s.kay.fie)
hey Megan give me a skafie!
by laliepoppers17 April 23, 2008
a secret way of letting a friend know that they have a booger.
a cat is a small one...a dog is a big or huge one.
hey...tara i think i see a cat or dog!
by laliepoppers17 April 22, 2008
a south African/ Afrikaans slang for when an african man has his one foot in Africa and the other in America, the thing in between is called the peil and thats self explanatory but the sote means salt...which it in the sea!....so the peil is full of salt...=sote peil!

this word is sometimes offensive!
that sote peil should pick a side!
by laliepoppers17 April 22, 2008
a person that at first glance you think its one sex then the next glance it looks like the other.unable to find out it actually confuses you what sex they are.
eeekkkkkk!!!!hey that girl/guy/thing looks like a hermaphrodite!!!!
which one is it?
by laliepoppers17 April 22, 2008
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