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A large town north of New Haven, Ct. Made up of mostly whites, but also many blacks and hispanics. Mostly suburbs. Large suburb houses on the north side, called mr. carmel, or west woods area, or the boonies, which is mostly white, but more and more blacks and hispanics are always moving in. Smaller suburb houses in the middle and southern side, including spring glen, with a large mix of people. Mostly condos and apartments in the Mix Ave. area, in the center of town, which has the largest mix of people, including many arabs. Southernmost part shares a ghetto called the Ville with New Haven, with mostly blacks. Center of town with the town hall has only small bussinesses. Area considered more of the center of town is the plaza, with many large business departments stores; also where the high school is located, and where most young people spend their free time. Has no movie theater, everybody goes to the North Haven one; has no mall, everybody goes to the Milford or Meriden one.
Has many different elementary schools, but one middle school and one public high school. Has a few private schools, including Sacred Heart, Hamden Hall, and West Woods Christian Academy. The students of Sacred Heart are hated by most of the town. Hamden Hall is extremely expensive. Barely anybody knows about West Woods Christian Academy, but is made up of mostly ignorant prejudice white people from Cheshire, Prospect, and Naugatuck.(why they drive so far for school, will never be understood.) Middle school is when all the young kids from different areas of town are forced to start to coexist, and start to be exposed to sex and drugs. The high school is attended by many New Haven kids who pretend theyre from Hamden to get in. Some Hamden kids hate them. Is known for its hockey team and lacrosse team. Is made fun of for its sucky basketball and football team. Has horrible and not enough guidance counselors, and often has racist administrators. Currently has a new principal who is black and very laid back. The school has many fights for a mostly white school, and students smoke pot in some of the bathrooms. Many security guards, some very strict, some unable to enforce anything. A good high school for everybody, because no group of teenagers preside over everything, the way rich kids do in a suburb school or hood kids do in a ghetto school. A high school that's good for absolutely any type of person from any anyplace; although there are many racist people, they don't do or say anything. Many interracial couples walking down the halls. Has many different groups of people, including kids from the ville or other ghetto areas, average black and white kids from lower class suburbs, white kids from the richer part of town who try to be preppy, hispanics, hispanics and arabs who for some reason are friends, and kids who are into emo and/or anime scenes, which includes many bisexuals. Some of these groups are friends with each other, or in between/other, many get along, and most pretend that they get along. Young people from Hamden are often hated and called ghetto by most young people from towns around it, including Cheshire, North Haven, East Haven, West Haven, and Milford. Is sometimes called "H-Town" by the young people. Has three state parks, Sleeping giant, west rock, and east rock.
"You know your from Hamden when...
7. there are more black people in your town than cigarette butts on the sidewalks
16. you've been kicked out of the plaza, multiple times.
17.you've started shit at the north haven movie theaters.
18. public skate had more middle schoolers than the middle school.
18. you have no idea why people go to the mall just to hang out.
19. people won't talk to you because of the fact that you're from hamden.
25. going to the space makes you hardcore.
35. you hate every other town, and every other town hates you.
37. you know you're trash, and you're content with it.
38. you're better off telling people you live in new haven.
39. you don't get scared when you go to new haven.
40. you hear the phrase "shit happens" at least 20 times a week.
41. your highschool has more combat than world war 2.
43. you don't understand why other states think people from connecticut are smart and rich.
45. bomb threats don't make you nervous.
46. you can go to an event with six other towns, and hamden would be the only town to fight.
47. you know we'd be fighting each other.
51. there are 500 different fast food places, and one health food store that hardly anyone knows about.
61. you know of people with actual names like princess or octavia.
64. bassett park was the most fun park ever.
66. when there's a sub in your school that everyone calls bill cosby cause no one knows his real name.
67. when teachers answer to MISS! or MR.!
71. when you walk down the hall and see ripped out weave just chillen on the floor."

"if you spent your summers at the green dragon camp and remember going to lake quassapaug on field trips

if basset field used to feel like fenway park or yankee staduim when you were 11,

if youve been partying in downtown new haven since you were 15,

if you went miles away to college and your hearts still somewhere between whitney and dixwell, then you, are one of us."
by lalawashereandproudofit March 15, 2009

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