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a breed of hipster that rides a fixed gear bike, usually without a brake. They often have bike or bike part tattoos and sport Chrome messenger bags and carry their keys for their house and bike lock on a carabiner. They sometimes wear little cycling caps. Legit bike hipsters work as bike messengers. To spot a fixter's bike, look for cards in the spokes of their usually colorful wheelset from alleycat races and look for color coordination. Fixters like to drink PBR and "classy" bottled beer and often smoke cigarettes. They often neglect to shower and enjoy growing wicked mustaches.
Fixter 1: You going to the alleycat this weekend? I hear cog magazine is sponsoring. Going to be pretty huge.

Fixter 2: Dude I'm stoked. Going to break out the new bike flask of whiskey.
by lalamanda February 06, 2010

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