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a word that black kids (and white kids who copy everything black people say) use to sound like a over annunciated word of "damn." Usually used when somethings extremely exciting or calls for an out burst of "DAYUMMM" instead of just damn.
1.DAYUMMMMM tht gurll is fineee as heeellll.
2.DAYUM i just spilled muhh drinkk.
by lalalyrrgaay December 21, 2008
An underwear/bra and loungewear store owned by Abercrombie and Fitch. There's only like 6 of them in the country and It's walls are covered with pictures of dudes from australia that only have a hand covering their "areas" and the girls only have a tree branch covering theirs. You can go their if you want to buy overpriced bras or need a dressing room to camp out in since some of them have beds in them. WHen you walk in a peppy girl or guy will tell you "Hi! Welcome to GIlly Hick's the CHeeky cousin of Abercrombie and Fitch!!!!" Many older people mispronounce the name "Gilly" as "Jilly" which is pretty damn annoying.
1.Hey girlfrennndd!! Have you checked out GIlly Hicks its like hellaaaa amazingggg nd theirs lots of naked dudes on the walls!!! =D

2. OhEmGee did you know that our very own WestFarms Mall is home to one of the 6 Gilly Hick's stores??!?! LIKE NO WAY.

by lalalyrrgaay December 21, 2008
a term commonly used on aim, texting, and just for online writing in general. short for LUAGHING OUT LOUD. although traditionally used after someone said something funny it has been replaced with ROFL, rolling on floor luaghing, or lmao, LUAGHING MY ASS OFF. now lol is commonly used after someone says something that wasnt funny, or doesnt call for a real response, just lol. also many people use it if they r describing something funny and want to complete the statement by putting lol at the end. note: if someones like LOL to you there is a 100% garuntee that they are NOT actually luaghing, and they just hinted that whatever you just said was really stupid. if someone really is "laughing out loud" they'll probably be like OMG OMG LMAO LMFAO DUDE IM LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW or something along those lines, lol just doesnt cut it these days.
ifuckhoes192: hey man i just got a bj frum this hot ass chick last night!!
ifuckBROS291: lol
by lalalyrrgaay December 23, 2008

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