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The definition of sexy.
You must be a Carolina!
by lalaland000 March 26, 2013
She is the most gorgeous woman in the world! She is amazingly awesome, funny, sexy, intelligent, caring, loving, hot, beautiful, always fun to be around, pretty, and the most wonderful girlfriend in the world! The woman that you wanna spend the rest of your life with. Not to mention, she is the sexiest woman in the world and everyone wants to be with her and any guy would be lucky to.
This weekend was the greatest of my life. I got with Carolina!

Carolina is so sexy!

Carolina is a hottie with a body!

I love you Carolina!!!!

That girl, Caroline? Yeah, she's incredible.

Walking down hallway*

Carolina: Hey guys

Guys: *faint*

Your lookin' Caroline today.
by lalaland000 March 26, 2013
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