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the feeling you get that urges you to have sex;
this story should give you that feeling

Bret finally got to the Halloween party and saw tons of hot girls with cleavage and tight outfits all over the place. Bianca came up to him and told him she wanted to take a look upstairs since the party was at a house she had never been to before. They went upstairs to look around. Bret could see Bianca's perfect ass under her tight stripper-nurse's skirt as she walked up the steps in front of him in red heels. He knew she was tryna have some fun.
They came to a room on the other end of the house that had a huge bed in the middle of it. Bianca crawled onto the bed and flashed her thong and entire ass in Bret's direction. A bulge started to become visible in his pants. He came up behind Bianca and grabbed her waist as she was bent over so she could feel his boner rubbing up against her. She moaned, so she must have been horny already. Bianca pulled her belly shirt over her head revealing her perky C-cup breasts. They grazed the bed as she bent back down to rub her ass all over Bret's package. Bret took off his shirt and reached down to pull off his shorts so that he was in only his boxers. He flipped Bianca over to face him and began taking off her skirt. He wanted her to keep those sexy red heels on when he got her moaning.
Bret got on the bed and kissed her all over her body. He moved from her neck all the way down to her chest. He fondled her tits and licked her nipples as she started moaning. She arched her back to get closer to him and he buried his face in her breasts. Bianca could feel his boner poking her between her legs, and it made her horny. She pulled off his boxers so she could rub his cock up and down with both hands, it was that big. Bret felt she was wet underneath her red thong. Bianca moaned slightly as his hands went underneath her panties. He could feel her shiver when he put in one finger and then another.

Finally, Bianca couldn't take it any longer, so she rolled over on top of him and straddled his muscular body. She knelt over him and guided his throbbing cock into her tight and wet pussy.
She threw her head back and began to grind on top of him, as he moaned underneath her in pleasure. His hands were on her hips, guiding her every move. Then she began to ride him faster, bouncing up and down on his hard cock. "Ooo, fuck me, that feels good," she gasped. "Go deeper, harder." Bret moved in synch with Bianca and took control with her still on top. He held her body in one spot while he pounded his throbbing cock deep inside her pussy. Finally, as she was moaning, Bianca cried out with pleasure and he felt her shiver and collapse onto his body. Bret pulled out of her and Bianca took his cock in her hands so that he could cum on her tits.
by lalalameowmeow July 08, 2011

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