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well.. a bro hoe is very common in so cal and havasu area. they roll with the boys, usually hate all other girls that dont look and act like them. they want to do and have everything the boys have (lifted trucks, dirtbikes, bongs ect) these girls can actually be very sweet but they talk alot of shit. they love running around drunk or stoned out of their mind. flipping off the camera and others is their favorite thing to do. they dream boy is usually Travis Barker or D Loc from Kottonmouth Kings. they were duckfeet which is flaired out acirlic nails. usually designed with zebra or spades. and screwing guys with tattoos is always a plus for them. i happen to roll with alot of bro hoes so im around their enviroment alot.
Cindy-"who myspace is that?"
Jake-"i dont know, just some bro hoe."
cindy-"wow, she looks kinda sluty."
Jake-"well duh, why do you think im looking at her."
by lalalalindsayyyy November 24, 2008

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