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A dwarf is a person with dwarfism. They have normal intelligence and are are quite small. They look funny too- they usually have teeny arms and legs and huge bodies and foreheads. They're the same thing as midgets.
Oh, look at that little dwarf/midget guy!
by lalalala June 02, 2005
a short person, under 4 foot 10 inches, prefer being called a dwarf,(not that we care), like to kick butts,very annoying
all the little midgets around the world are gathering to figure out how to kick butts the easiest- watch out world- here come the midgets!!!!!!!!
by lalalala May 07, 2005
condition of always wanting sex, sexual intercourse
Jons a hena
by LalAlala January 17, 2004
This is an oxymoron.
You bitch.
by lalalala July 09, 2003
Kick ass TV show on NBC.
Danny is sooooooo hot!!!!!!!!mmmmmmm
by lalalala May 07, 2005

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