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Homosexuals who harbor a deep hatred for heterosexual individuals.

This can result from being treated like an outcast by peers all their lives or being mistreated, harassed, or threatened.

Quite similar to racism.

The most common heterophobic slur is "Breeder"...which implies that ALL straight people plan to have children (which isn't always the case).
Greg: Fuck breeders...the world would be a better place if they were wiped off the face of the earth.

Rick: What the hell man? I wouldn't say that about gay people, so what gives you the right to say that about us? Being heterophobic isn't going to eliminate homophobia...it'll just make things worse.
by lalala45677 June 07, 2010
A slang term for male masturbation.

Ranch dressing resembles semen, so "raching it" means jacking off.
"I heard Joe was ranching it in the school bathroom Tuesday!"
by lalala45677 January 22, 2009
Teens who lie about their sexuality for attention, causing GENUINE bisexuals to not be taken seriously when coming out.

A direct pun on "the boy who cried wolf".
Mary: Mom, I have something to tell you....I'm bi.

Mom: Psst, oh please! All teens are "bi".

Mary: I'm serious mom....

Mom:Yeah yeah, now shut up I'm watching Oprah.

~The teen who cried bisexual is the reason her mom doesn't believe her.
by lalala45677 June 08, 2010

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