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A cool asian girl who is "fresh" fah shizzle! she is gangster yo`!
" Whooo! She is so fresh !"
by LALAL April 12, 2005
type of shoe sports style
dad get me a pair of jakeandos
by lalal December 14, 2004
A cool funky chick that is so funny and MAKES ME LAUGH SOO HARD ON THE TLAK THINGY HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHHAHAHAHAH. Like seriously i almost pissed my pants lol................
Omg becky look at her butt it is soo big. She looks like one of those rap guys girlfriends, but u kno who understands those rap guys. Tehy only tlak to her because she looks like a total prostitue kay i mean her butt its just so big! i i cant belive its just so round and like out there i mean gross LOOK! shes just so .......BLACK!

o did someone say strawberry cum?
by lalal February 06, 2005

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