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Kinky - marked by unconventional sexual practices including fetishism and sadomasochism among others

This is the type of sex you are promised by many or all breeds of the Asian woman. Kinky Asian sex is generally characterized by furry red handcuffs, gags, whips, curling irons, or other sex-related paraphernalia generally unused by the majority of the non-Asian public.

While this "kinky Asian sex" may sound appealing at first, heed this warning: while many breeds of Asian promise this act (most commonly in the back of the car, a public place, or otherwise), they may abandon you. This may leave you in an unpleasant situation, depending on your state of mind. You may be handcuffed and/or gagged in the back of your car or in a public place with no escape aside from the occasional ogling passerby. The Asian may promise you kinky Asian sex, but may instead go to get food or become distracted by a shiny new Hello Kitty or Pokemon product, or an incredibly difficult physics problem that is begging to be solved.

Bottom line: Beware of the enticing kinky Asian sex - it may be fun and different at first, but if said Asian becomes distracted, you may be stranded in an unsavory place.
"Hey, could you come pick me up? This girl promised me kinky Asian sex but I received none and am now stranded. Help me!"
by lala132 August 19, 2011

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