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Hi- I have been living in New Jersey for nearly 11 years now-yeah, thats alot. I am going to give you everything, because i believe you should really be informed of what this place is about. Before i do so, i think you should know something about me. My life/family is interesting, we travel out alot, ive been to almost every state in the country, and many countries too. I have seen the world alot, more than most average people my age. Not to brag or anything, but its true. Ive been to Asia, Europe, etc.

Now New Jersey as a PLACE doesnt have much to offer. My parents always say that they think the "quality of life" has decreased greatly since they moved to New Jersey. So yes, New Jerseyians are sort of missing out on life. It is true. a good mall is basically out of state (from where i live..which is the central). On top of that, NOTHING is within walking distance. There is nothing to do in New Jersey, except maybe go to Six Flags in the summer, which is not to mention i think the best in America. Thats all we have honestly.

But this is not what really BUGS me about New Jersey. What really truely BUGS me are the people here. A lot of the people havent been anywhere out of state, which means the only thing theyve seen in their life is the garbage that New Jersey has to offer. On top of that, people are really rude. New Jersey is the most "in da hood" state ever! We got Newark, Camden, Jersey City...ect.

I am currently in High School, so i will give you a few examples of Jersey kids IN SCHOOL.

The people in my school really deserve to have a movie. If i wrote a book about them it would probably be a bestseller. You CANNOT find people like this anywhere else. They are very stupid, rude, and immature. They fight over bottle caps, gum, and curse at teachers. And what do the Jersey teachers do? They dont do anything and say "Oh, thats not very nice of you!"

For the most part they actually ENJOY the nonsense. They find it very entertaining...well who wouldnt?

On top of that they act really weird and thats cuz most of them are REALLY missing out on life. You will hear stupid dumbass comments like "that house is REALLY BLUE!!" and people will talk about it for quite a while.

Lunch periods in Jersey school goes like this:

girl: OH MY GOD do you like kuwala bears?

girl 2: OMG YES!!

they talk about it for the longest time.

Random people in lunchrooms make alot of noise, throw milk on the floor and at people, and scream random shit like "BAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!" at random people.

You would think with all the teachers there for "supervision" things would change. Sadly, they havnt. This also represents greatly the politics of New Jersey itself.

This just comes to show the quality of the people that linger in this place. People also have NOOO MANNERS. You'll be walking, and a group of kids who THINK they are ghetto will "accidentally" bump into you becuase they have no presence of space and then instead of saying sorry, they will BURST OUT laughing and continue for 5 minutes. The sadness continues unfortunately...
People dont know how to behave, and are racist as HELL. On a bus there will be one mexican guy, and he will start yelling at the driver for no reason at all. The driver (in this scenario is asian..this is a real experience btw) and he will make ome SMALL driving mistake. So the mexican dude will be screaming "FUCK YOUUU!!! YOU CANT DRIVE!!!! CHING CHANG CHONG go back to china!!!" and will continue on. this is a school bus btw...

The point is people have no respect for one another in New Jersey, and talk REALLY FAST u cant understand a SHIT of what they are saying. it is usually about nonsense...

TO SUM UP: New Jersey has TERRIBLE people, its really ghetto in major cities but has a bunch of fakes in the suburbs, and you will seriously miss out on life. NO JOKE.

* My cousin came here for ONE DAY, met the people, and immediately said she would kill herself if she lived here.

** These are all based on PERSONAL experiences- so maybe North Jersey is a bit different!
New Jersey Conversations

Annoying Jersey Girl: OMG!! the ipod is the GREATEST invention in the world!!!

Outsider whispers to another Outsider: Wow, people here are sooo weird! I hate them!


by lala dem January 14, 2009

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