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1. A way Sean Paul sayz holla 2 his whole dutty cup crew.
2. A way 2 give a shout out.
3. Holla
4. Big up
(should only b sed by sum1 wit a caribbean background)
1. 'Dutty Yo'
-- Sean Paul
2. Holla baq dutty!
3. Dutty!
4. Yo Dutty!
by LaLa January 02, 2004
Panama City Beach, Florida
One of the Spring BReak capitols of the world
I went and got wasted at PC during Spring BReak
by lala December 30, 2002
A real, deep, sexy & very talented rapper/actor who If I had the chance to get in da bed with would turn white from all the nasty stuff I'd do to him ;)
too "XXX" rated for all of you... I'Ma FrEaK!! j/k (only sometimes ;) )
by lala January 04, 2004
richie, you probably lived in a welfare townhouse, nothing to be proud about, you probably had to come from NY to scranton to run away from the police for your drug pushing, bc you sound like you dont have much of an education, im from NY and you give us a bad name you welfare public housing living living off the gov't white trash scumbag...ur pathetic
boys from scranton are pretty boys, girls from scranton are beer sluts
by lala January 05, 2005

Cats I'm tight with, chill wit, puff with, roll with, got Love for.
P-CP, Chris M, Chris O, Jav, and J are my HoMeboYz.
by LaLa January 05, 2004
Cronie is like saying homie. The same thing.. someone u kno or r tight with.
I DuNNo If U don'T Get iT tOO BaD...
by LaLa June 18, 2004
blunts; a female gang. bitches; like; us; never; take; shit.mostly around the chitown area,
girl 1: hey kayla.
girl 2: whats good.
girl 1: wanna be in a gang?
girl 2: sure.whats it called?
girl 1: blunts;
by lala March 06, 2005
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