66 definitions by lala

a non individual bcz its a lot kler 2 all wear gay tracksuits!
just take a trip 2 mc donalds or ur town centre or c a person called hope!
by lala April 27, 2004
crackaine-noun.. a mixture of crack and cocaine druggies smoke it or sniff it its what the cool kids do
dude that kid is wicked high off crackaine
by LALA October 26, 2004
The wonderful spicy goodness known to the common world as Doritos
I can't wait to eat me some dirty-hoes...
by Lala January 04, 2004
a pale, skinny, whimpy, undignified person.
i don't know...moby?....
by lala July 10, 2003
the hottest and coolest gang FS
dayum i wanna bang that meemer
by lala April 05, 2004
your face
you got a beautiful pan
by lala January 25, 2004
nickname for a good ol' fashioned dipshit.
carson daley...
by lala July 10, 2003

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