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To jerk off. Like beating the meat.
chick 1: Why are his hands sticky?
chick 2: He was flopping the dolphin.
by lala January 04, 2004
Something that is old or rusty looking is considerated scratchy. It can be a homeless person or a pure nerd or just one at heart, Huckleberry Finn is said to be the scratchiest book of all time.
That old man's chesterfield was rather scratchy.
I slept in and am looking rather on the scratchy side today.
Look at that scratchy boy's hair.
by Lala April 20, 2005
Idiotic suburban kids who have nothing better to do than sit around with their "g-dawgs" listening to the rap they hear on the radio whilst wearing their FUBU and EKO gear, speaking ebonics, and complaining about how ghetto they are because they only have one computer to their name, or one Mercedes, etc., etc.
See whiny suburban kids
"Have you seen <guy who obviously has lots of money, lives in a nice neighborhood, and goes shopping every weekend>? Someone needs to beat him with the cluebat and inform him that he's not black.
by Lala September 25, 2004
someone who wishes s/he lived in the "Hoo" so they could party it up with Steve-o!
Amanda is the biggest hoobanger wannabe! YEAH!!!
by LaLa January 29, 2004
looking very sexy and sex-able
Brad Pitt is banging.
by lala August 02, 2003
a positive expression, usually used when relieved or happy about something...
"ahh, tsuki tsuki now"
by lala January 26, 2005
something that is sooo extremely awesome that only d.m.j. know about and one lisa virgin islands dumb blonde will never everrrrr figure it out ahahahahah!
wow that is so fetch!
by lala December 26, 2004

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