66 definitions by lala

Somethin or someone real busted up in apperance.
Milagros Redondo is such a broke down hoe thas why she ain't got a man.
by LaLa March 05, 2004
A unit consisting of two young urban professionals in a committed, if somewhat co-dependent, relationship.
Those condo developers downtown are marketing to yupples.
by lala February 20, 2004
Sex performed according to Jewish Orthodox religous laws. Popularized by Shmuly Boteach and confused with much more enjoyable tantric sex.
by lala October 28, 2003
To have a big penis; stemmed from Dirk Diglar in Boogie Nights.
His he small or does he have the dirkage.
by lala January 16, 2003
another word for coke/crack
why don't we just get some yoda and roll a chewy?
by lala March 24, 2005
Coke, blow, yeyo, yey, powder, nose candy, white, magic dust...
I love cocaine.
by LaLa January 05, 2004
all the bits and pieces of cloth you've been collecting over the years

(ie. scrap + fabric)
When I have enough scrabric, I'm gonna make a quilt.
by lala February 20, 2004
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