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1.Artist of the surreal.
2. A fragrance.
1. Salvador Dali is the best surrealist ever!

2. Hey La what perfume are you wearing it smells soo good?

Me: Salvador Dali.
by LaLa January 05, 2004
1 .The best fuckin movie ever made.
2. Should have really existed.
1. "Many, choot dat pice o' chit"- SCARFACE
2. I WouLd HaVe DoNe AnyThiNG PoSsiBLe To BaNG hiM!!!!! (a.k.a FuCk HiM <-4 the retards)
by LaLa January 05, 2004
V-Vuitton (NoUn)

A french designer.
I love Louis Vuitton bags.
by LaLa January 05, 2004
to go to the city and smoke hookah
I am a persian because i go to the city and smoke hookah
by LALA December 19, 2004
1. Cocaine
2. A Movie about cocaine
3. Suckin dick
1. I'm really fienen for some blow
2. Have you seen BLOW yet? Johnny Depp is soo fine!
4. F: Hey La?
La (ME): Sup?
F: Could ya do me a favor ma?
La: Whats dat boo?
F: Could ya blow on this dick lil mama?
by LaLa January 05, 2004
A person who thinks he/she is better than everyone else.
1.) Did you go to the meeting last night, I did.
2.) Ian Fiebig
by lala February 28, 2003
1.A horrible place where bad people go to when they die. 2.An equivalent of hell.
Bad little kids who lie go to Furbyland when they die. The furbys never shut up there. OHHH NOOO NOT FURBY LAND!
by LaLa June 19, 2004

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