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66 definitions by lala

When you have a care bear stuffed animal and it stares at you with its big cute eyes.
OMG the care bear stare!
by lala April 16, 2004
102 183
an African American "brotha"'s way of referring to a white person thats off da hook
"Yo, wuddup white bread!"
by lala March 06, 2005
34 127
san gabril, pasadena, south pasadena, monrovia, sierra madre. the lamest place on earthrich rebublicans land and hippy dippy scene kids at paseo, one group of punks
richies"lets go hang out at paseo you guys!"
punks"dude lets go get wasted in the park man and fuck shit up"
by lala December 25, 2004
16 129