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A sub genre of metal combining technical and complex guitar and drum patterns often associated with polyrhythms, djent and odd time signatures, with distorted rhythms. Some good examples of technical metal bands are "The Dillinger Escape Plan" and "Polyphia."

Another name for Technical Metal is Progressive Metal.
Person 1: Hey dude! Check out this new band! They are so technical.

Person 2: Nice dude! I love Technical Metal!

Person 1: I love the polyrhythm riff technicalities of the guitar riffs and drum patterns!
by lakebehemoth February 14, 2014
When the female is unaware and disproves when the male ejaculates inside of her. Usually responded in panic.
Male: I just came inside of you

Female: What??? Are you fucking serious??

Male: I just got you pregnant. *Laughs*


Male: I did an ambush creampie for the video.

Female: Oh my fucking god you asshole. We're getting Plan B after this video.
by lakebehemoth February 05, 2014

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