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1. A part of a rose.

2. The term for a dainty little twat.
My lover has the prettiest rose petal.
by laeiryn July 15, 2008
The act of fitting a lot of crap into a very tiny space through clever usage of every bit of available space. Tetris-gifted people can easily pack an entire house into the trunk of a Toyota. This can come in very handy when space is at a premium!

A person who is particularly talented in this way is often referred to as a Tetris King or Queen.
I spent three hours Tetrising, but I finally got the car packed. I told you the whole living room could fit in the van in one trip!

I don't know how that girl did it, but there's thirty plastic flamingos in my bathroom!

We told you not to piss Sarah off. She's too good at Tetrising!
by laeiryn March 01, 2011
'Winning' in a Darwinistic fashion, or on a Darwinistic path. i.e. When you see a really stupid person have something bad happen to them brought on by their own stupidity, Darwin is Winning, and it is a darwinning occurrence.
"Hahah, that lady was talking on her cell phone and tripped and fell into the fountain in the mall where she worked!"

"That's totally darwinning. What a moron!"
by laeiryn October 14, 2011

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