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1 definition by ladyheecat

Noun. The pairing name assigned to Jonghyun and Key of the boyband, SHINee. Can also be referred to as KeyHyun.

Notable characteristics include:

a) unnecessary and excessive touching;

b) blatant staring at each other, even across continents;

c) frequent exchange of flattery;
d) public confessions and marriage proposals;

e) referring to each other with endearments, such as 'yeobo' or 'honey';

f) wearing matching couple's clothing, and;
g) a susceptibility to being separated by a cockblock named Minho.

As determined by fandom consensus (a.k.a. many fics writers write them this way) Jonghyun is the top and Key is the bottom.
A: JongKey was wearing the same shirt today!
B: They're so married!
A: Minho was in between them though.
B: No surprise there.

A: I wish JongKey would just come out already.
B: I think we're way past questioning the nature of their relationship after Jonghyun's marriage proposal.
by ladyheecat October 21, 2010
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