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The most good looking guy that has ever walked on the planet. A lee is someone who is thoughtful and cares a lot about others. When you meet a Lee, there very shy and you gotta talk to them first. When you do, it's worth it. They usually have beautiful green eyes and Dark hair, they are unique and different than all the other guys. Lee's usually have girls falling for them every second. A lee is always in you're friends conversations about how cute he is. They have freckles and they are very southern. Lee's are very athletic and popular. Girls are lucky to have a guy named Lee. Lees are very thoughtful and religious, they care a lot for others. Say hi to a lee, you never know.
Omg that's Lee!
He's like the hottest boy in school

Dang, I wish I was a Lee
I'm jealous.
by Ladybug23 November 23, 2013
one who favors thieving tits.
Oh man, that dude is such a titburglar.
OR in past tense
Sally got he tits burgled!
by ladybug23 November 05, 2008

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