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hahah When certain people dont want to use the word "nigga" or "nigger"because they are not trying to sound racist or they are afraid of gettin a cap in they ass.
"Chad don't say the n word in public browskie,I at least want to live till im 21 dude!"
by ladyE August 19, 2006
The Crip Walk, or C-Walk, is NOT, as many assume, a dance, but rather a walk. Although in many respects it is like a dance, it is to Crips gang members nothing more than a ritual. It originated in the early 1980s in South Central Los Angeles as a symbol for Crips of the area and was a staple of hip hop culture by the late 1990s.

Originally, members of the Crips would use nimble movements of their feet to spell out their names or other pro-Crips words (sometimes spelling out Bloods, the name of their rival gang, and then crossing it out). Many Crip gangs also use a C-Walk ceremony to celebrate the initiation of a new member.
I dont c walk cause im not a crip and you shouldnt either blood!j/k lol
by ladyE August 17, 2006

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