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A very, very addicting game where everyone calls eachother noobs, which is quite annoying. In the game you develop skills, talk to other real online players, travel, make money, and more.

toughgangsta88: i just died can i have sum money plz
lady.88: get a life dude
toughgangsta88: where do i buy one of those?
lady.88: omg nooooooob!!!!

toughgangsta88: ur sooo hottttt! luv ur but
bigbuttedhottness99: gee thx babe! i luv ur 6 pack
toughgangsta88: i live in ny city, u?
bigbuttedhottness99: me too! omg! lets totally meet tomorrow at mcdonalds for a real life date! omg baaabe!
toughgangsta88: ya babe c ya there i luv ya 2 death!!
bigbuttedhottness99: luv ya! cya buh biii!!!!!
by lady.88 October 14, 2006
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