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1. A yummy nestle chocolate covered wafter thing, available in 2 fingered or 4 fingered.

2. Also known as fingering someone, available to 2 fingered or 4 fingered.
1. wow, i just ate a kitkat!

2. "Oh-Em-Gee! Terrence gave me a kitkat last night!"
by lady spanky November 16, 2006
An amazing band from Liverpool in the UK. Fronted my Ian Mcculloch, an amazingly sexy, big haired 80's man.

Mostly unheard of, but definatley worth listening to.
Amy: Have you heard the news, dude?
Dani: What?
Amy: Echo and the Bunnymen are playing at FREEVO!!!
Dani: OMGZZ!! Like Wowz!! So going...!
by Lady Spanky May 04, 2007
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