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Taking someone to bed, and doing rude things, but not nessacerily having intercourse, e.g. dry humping Usually in the early stages of a relationship.
"I bedded him, but we didn't have sex."
#sex #dry humping #foreplay #slept #fucked
by lady comic January 21, 2007
a groupie for comedians. A fan of comedy who tries to sleep with the comic after a gig because they want to fuck the stage persona they just saw. Will often sleep with many comedians during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Also a comedian who does stand-up just to increase his chances of getting laid, especially if they are very ugly and/or fat.
She's slept with everyone on the bill, and she's got her eye on the compere tonight. She's such a gag hag!
#slag #groupie #comedy whore #fan #comedian
by lady comic January 21, 2007
Policy or an action that is silly.
"That's so fucking irish" mainly used by scots or english who are a bit racist.
In the same league as my mum giving my brother the nickname "O'Reily" because he's a bit thick. Coming from the traditional joke format, "An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman..." where the irishman is the butt of the joke.
"We're building a bridge, but we don't have any river to build it over, so its been cancelled and we're not going into work any more." Dylan Moran giving an example of irish news.
#silly #illogical #sideways #stupid #thick #joke #racist
by lady comic January 21, 2007
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