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A wholesome-looking black and white clip art character that has been used in recent years to humorously promote drugs, violence, and alcohol.

By this point in time, he's a seedy cliché seen on out-of-style book covers, posters, and T-shirts. It's not funny anymore, guys. It doesn't make you trendy or ironic, and you're not sticking it to anything.

It just makes you look like an idiot who gets off on beating dead horses.
50's Man has now gone out of style twice. He is so 2003.
by Lady Chevalier July 30, 2005
Something which one is not supposed to beat.
Dead horses won't get up no matter how much you hit them. Honest. Leave the carcass alone, please. Ew.
by Lady Chevalier May 11, 2005
Label a pubescent girl affixes to herself in order to appear sexually trendy.

Of all non-heterosexual "orientations," bicurious has the fewest long-lasting repercussions and is therefore adopted by girls who wish to appear different or exciting to males their age.

Bicurious girls are not interested in females (if they were, they would actually call themselves lesbian or bisexual); instead, they wish to attract young men who find the prospect of potential girl-on-girl action incredibly hot.

To be fair, the term is also used by lesbian and bisexual girls who are still uncomfortable with their sexuality, or who are testing the waters before coming out to their friends or family.
Trina: Sally, I... want to tell you something.
Sally: What is it, hon?
Trina: Well... I like you.
Sally: Oh my God, you're a lesbian?
Trina: No!
Sally: ...you're bisexual?
Trina: Well, not exactly.
Sally: So... what are you?
Trina: I'm bicurious.
Sally: Oh, you're a trendwhore.
by Lady Chevalier May 08, 2005
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