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1. A drinking vessel, typically used for fancy occasions, and consisting of not only the cup part, but also a base and a narrow stem.

2. A young goblin.
"There is no hope," Gandalf said grimly. "I fear the goblets have taken Bilbo. We must flee this place."
by Lady Chevalier August 23, 2005
Insult, originating from the anime Digimon. Each season of the show contained a stubborn or bullheaded "leader" character who wore goggles on top of his head. The word "gogglehead" came to epitomise the stereotypical blunt, stubborn, or self-centered characteristics of the show's main characters.

Despite the fact the Digimon show has been over and done with for some time, it still has a pretty hardcore fanbase, and the word is common on website and forums that still cater to Digimon fans, as well as other "kiddie anime" sites that host pages about Pokémon, YuGiOh, or other shows that shared a fanbase with Digimon.

Often used affectionately.
That newbie didn't even read the rules before she started posting. What a gogglehead.

Tai always was my favorite character. I miss that old gogglehead.
by Lady Chevalier August 21, 2005
Kazaa--New and Improved! Now with 48% less fat!

Similar to "Miller Lite."
by Lady Chevalier August 02, 2003

Means teddy bear in Swedish. The word refers to a cellphone because of the way some people cuddle and cradle the device next to their faces--like a little kid with a favorite stuffed animal.

Term originated in Sweden, but is taking on a life of its own in the English-speaking world.
Hang on--I'm getting a ring on the nalle.
by Lady Chevalier October 08, 2005
Shorthand for notebook, those lovely 70-page, spiral bound masterpieces of history notes and math problems.

Used when you simply don't have the time to write out all eight letters, or as an affectionate name for a diary or journal.
(from an assignment book) hw: find nbook, do maths, page 137

Dear NBook,
I have a crush on Josh. I'm so embarrassed! What if he finds out?!
by Lady Chevalier October 03, 2005
A sale of secondhand items, held in a driveway, garage, or front yard. They usually take place on Saturday mornings in summer.

From rummage sale, so called because it is a sale where you can freely "rummage" (or sort) through things in piles or boxes.

They typically include used clothes, old records, ancient appliances, Happy Meal toys, potholders, small brass deer, broken watches, coffee cups, and "crafty" Christmas decorations. Each sale is different, and finding something good is not a guarantee. (One might argue that it is actually unlikely, as you are sorting through someone else's cast-offs.)

It's main appeal is the thrill of the hunt and the chance at finding a real bargain.
You wouldn't believe the find I got at this rummage today! A nearly complete set of beat-up Beatles albums! AND a broken record player on which to play them!
by Lady Chevalier October 03, 2005
A shorthand term for synaesthesia, a condition involving the "mix and matching" of the five senses.
Do you hear that? It's this high pitched, coppery-tasting buzzing noise.
by Lady Chevalier July 10, 2005

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