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To have a turning radius slighty larger than that of a dime, but smaller than that of a nickel.

Not as impressive as being able to turn on a dime, but still, not bad.
My new car goes from 0 to 58 in a really short amount of time, and can turn on a penny.
by Lady Chevalier June 06, 2005
God's gift to all who must suffer through the cold season.

Comes in a spray bottle. Spritz it into your mouth, and it will numb your throat at least long enough for the the Nyquil you're taking to knock you out cold.
Ahh... medicated bliss!
by Lady Chevalier June 04, 2005
Something awesome (especially something unexpected or surprising) that makes your life easier or in some way better; a declaration of love.

Also, part of a childhood playground threat.
Wow! I had no idea that accurately graphing parabolas could be so easy! This TI-83 is my new best friend!

Alice, I can't believe you did that! Wow! You're my new best friend!

That was SO much fun! Rock climbing is my new best friend!

You didn't pick me first for your kickball team yesterday. I hate you now. But that's okay. Sally is my NEW best friend.
by Lady Chevalier May 23, 2005
A period of roughly six weeks, lasting from the end of November to some time in January. It includes a number of religious holidays, traditional celebrations, and family visits. It is generally accepted to be both the best part of the year (for people under the age of fifteen) and the worst part of the year (for people over the age of fifteen).

Includes: Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Advent, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, the Winter Solstice, St. Nick's Day, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Winter Break (for students), and a number of others.

Sometimes used (as "Happy Holidays") as a politically correct (race, creed, and nationality-neutral) phrase on cards and decorations.

Also known as "International Muzak Month" due to the unwavering propensity of shopping establishments to assault their customers' ears with instrumental version of "Do You Hear What I Hear," "Jingle Bell Rock," and "White Christmas" for the entire six-week period.
If I hear "The Little Drummer Boy" one more time, I swear I'm going to snap. I didn't mind this as a kid, but ever since I turned fifteen, boy! I hate the holidays.
by Lady Chevalier August 27, 2005
A voicemail or message left on an answering machine that is nothing but a few seconds of dead air.

Left by people who cannot, for some inexplicable reason, hang up the phone BEFORE the end of the outgoing message, but instead wait until the recording begins.
Lisa calls her friend Eric, and reaches his voicemail. Lisa has no intention of leaving a voicemail, but listens to the entirety of Eric's outgoing message (including the beep) before hanging up.

Eric's voice: Hey there, I'm not around right now. There's going to be a beep in a few seconds; you know what to do.


Lisa: .... *hangs up telephone*
by Lady Chevalier June 27, 2005
Completely different.

Often said with nostalgia.
You know, Star Wars is not quite the same without Muppet Yoda.

The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles isn't quite the same as the kickass show I watched as a kid.
by Lady Chevalier June 07, 2005

Means teddy bear in Swedish. The word refers to a cellphone because of the way some people cuddle and cradle the device next to their faces--like a little kid with a favorite stuffed animal.

Term originated in Sweden, but is taking on a life of its own in the English-speaking world.
Hang on--I'm getting a ring on the nalle.
by Lady Chevalier October 08, 2005

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