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A wobbly (but unfallydowny) toy from back in the day. (Actually, it originated in the 70's, which is well before MY 'back in the day,' but I can pretend to be cool and know what I'm talking about.) (And anyway, Playskool still makes incarnarnations of the darn things.)

While I never had Hasbro's brand name Weebles, I did play with a DIY version my uncle made for me. It involved a purple plastic easter egg (you know, the kind you get three jelly beans in) with a penny taped inside the bottom half and a rather frightening face drawn on in Sharpie. Basically, like the actual Weeble, you could bat it around and it would always right itself. It wasn't that far off from the real thing, either.

Being a somewhat belligerent child, I took the slogan as a personal affront, and spent many hours (well, at least twenty minutes] trying to devise ways to MAKE THE DARN THING STAY TIPPED OVER. Gluing it to the table might have worked, but I was caught before the elmer's had set. Would that I were still so carefree!

Admittedly not a hugely challenging idea for a toy, but hey.
Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down!

Distracted Father: *calling from the next room* Janie? Janie, did you take my superglue?
Slightly Creepy Child: *loudly and sweetly* No, Daddy!
Distracted Father: Huh. *goes to the basement to check his toolbox for the fourth time*
Slightly Creepy Child: *stashes tube of epoxy, glaring at newly-inverted Weeble the entire time* Take that, you demonic ovoid spawn of hell.
by Lady Chevalier June 10, 2005
One who sucks fun.

A person who can take any situation where others are enjoying themselves and remove all pleasure from it. Popularised by the Lindsay Lohan movie Freaky Friday.
Bob: Hey, Frank. Wanna go cow-tipping with the guys tonight? It'll be a blast!
Frank: My dog was CRUSHED and KILLED when someone tipped a cow onto him.
Bob: ...

Chris: Hey, Frank. We're down at the river skipping rocks. Wanna come down?
Frank: My dog was KILLED when someone hit him with a rock when he was swimming. He DROWNED.
Chris: ...

George: Frank, you wanna come on a road trip during Spring Break?
Frank: My dog was RUN OVER and KILLED by college students on a road trip.
George: ...
Chris: ...
Bob: Seriously, man. What the fuck.
by Lady Chevalier June 10, 2005
The only value in filthy, disgusting, violent, or obscene materials in the media (television shows, movies, online forums, etc.). Ironically, these things have become so common that even the shock value is gone, leaving their existence pointless and the masses desensitised (or disgusted).

The reason half the definitions on UD exist.
You can't show that on television! Oh, wait, nevermind.
by Lady Chevalier May 12, 2005
An unpleasant, cruel, or maliciously insane woman. The female incarnation of Evil Itself.

Often used to refer to female math teachers.

Taken from the the unpleasant character in Shakespeare's Macbeth.
Student: Who do you have for math next semester?
Friend: Mrs. Whitman, you?
Student: Roberts. Wait--Did you say Whitman?
Friend: Yeah, why?
Student: Watch out, man. She's like freaking Lady Macbeth.
by Lady Chevalier May 11, 2005
Used to point out or emphasise silence. (Well, not precisely silence, since chirping crickets make sound. But you get it.)

The idea is that you can only hear crickets when there are no other sounds, such as conversation or laughter. Often used to denote the awkward pause after a bad joke.
Joe: What's the sound of two drums and a cymbal falling over a cliff?
Ted: *tiredly* I don't know, Joe. What is the sound of two drums and a cymbal falling over a cliff?
Joe: baDUM-ksh!

*crickets chirp*

Joe: ...Oh, come on. That was funny.
by Lady Chevalier May 23, 2005
An item, into one of which you should not put all your eggs.
Margo: A tisket, a tasket, I lost my yellow basket...
Alice: Did you have all your eggs in it?
Margo: Yes.
Alice: ...Damn.
by Lady Chevalier May 12, 2005
An area of Minneapolis by the UMN campus. Some people call it UMN's answer to Mad-town's State Street, but those people have clearly not been to State Street, as the atmosphere is completely different.

Contains several restaurants, cafés, shops and other venues, as well as the Dinkydome, a rather glorified (but nice) food court.

Uburbanites have an admittedly strange fondness for the neighborhood, and while they may bash it in the company of fellow Minnesotans, many will defend it to the death against Madison detractors.

This is not a nickname or slang term. It is the honest-to-gosh name of the neighborhood.
State Street is eclectic; Dinkytown is homey. State Street will nod to you as you pass, but Dinkytown will wrap you up in a great big Minnesotan bear hug.

I'm gonna be in Dinkytown this afternoon. Want to hit up the Dinkydome for lunch?
by Lady Chevalier May 24, 2005

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