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Seeing stars.

To have slight vision problems after falling down or having been hit in the head. Represented in cartoons as stars or songbirds circling the victim's head.

From tinsel, the chinsy gold and silver strings used to decorate during the holidays—The sensation is rather like having threads of tinsel waved just outside your field of vision.
Max: Whoa, you wiped out on that jump. You okay?
PJ: *faintly* Yeah, gimme a sec. I'm tinselling right now...
by Lady Chevalier July 29, 2005
Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans.

2 grams of crunchy, delicious, chocolate-coated hyper.
Available at your local coffeeshop.
by Lady Chevalier July 26, 2005
URBANdictionary entries that look like they belong on Wikipedia. We're talking page-long "definitions" that could be printed off and turned in for credit at many institutions of higher education.

See certain definitions under emo, punk for examples. (Wikinitions often pop up when some poor soul is trying to re-educate the masses about what a word (music genre) originally meant.)


by Lady Chevalier June 12, 2005
Military phrase, used to denote readiness.

'We're good to go'=we're ready for action.
Good to go, lock and load
I dont' know, but I've been told.
by Lady Chevalier June 02, 2004
One of the funnest words in the world. On a level with quark and discombobulate.
Billabong. Billabong, Billabong, Billabong. I could say this for hours...
by Lady Chevalier March 23, 2005
A female who, when of the opinion she has not been given enough airtime in a film, will simply verbally reject the role, rather than resorting to violent or physical means of protest.
Gwen Stefani is neither a hollaback girl nor a halle berry girl.
by Lady Chevalier June 04, 2005
The latest internet craze.

Taking from "the new black," (a phrase originally meaning "the latest, hottest trend in fashion"), the new monkey works on the idea that for several years now monkeys have pervaded every corner of the internet--as mascot, icon, part of a slogan, or in some other aspect.

"The new monkey," therefore, would be the next big thing.

Usage note: "The new monkey" refers to things that are in some way parallel to monkeys. Thus, bananaphones could be "the new monkey," but the bananaphone flash movie could not.

For this reason (lack of a parallel), All Your Base is not the new monkey. Neither are monkeys the new AYB. (I suppose it could be argued that the Banaphone flash movie is the new AYB, but we all know that's simply not the case.)
Pete: Wow, would you look at this site? Looks like ninjas are the new monkey.
Erik: What? No way, dude. Pirates are the new monkey.
by Lady Chevalier May 23, 2005
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