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term used to describe one's mood when sleep deprived or tired. Signs of being 'slap happy' include inane rambling, strange remarks, odd random behavior (such as giving oneself a wedgie), uncontrollable laughter at one's own jokes.
Bob is slap happy today because he was out late last night.
by ladeefalcn March 31, 2005
a friend that embarasses you in social situations in order to gain attention; a person that constantly betrays your trust, but you cant get away from due to guilt issues; a type of friend that is ok one on one, but will turn on you as soon as other people are around, making it hard to break off the friendship because you 'know how they really are'.
toxic friend: *loudly so that the cute guy standing next to you hears* remember when you ripped that loud fart in front of that guy you liked?
by ladeefalcn March 31, 2005
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