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A romantic relationship between two people's online characters, but not between the actual people themselves. Also known as "Avatar Dating."

It allows for the ultimate "Safe Sex" experience, as well as permitting multiple relationships in multiple virtual gaming environments, such as WoW or Second Life
Yeah, my level 12 night elf has been sim dating her level 17 enchantress for quite a while now... but since she didn't help me out in my last battle with the mage, I'm going to dump her soon.
by Ladderwalker January 27, 2009
A urinal designed to accommodate multiple users. May vary in style from the stainless steel trough or simply a large hole in the ground.
The men all lined up to relieve themselves at the water hole.
by Ladderwalker January 29, 2009
A variation of airsoft, in which the participants drive around in cars, usually in urban areas, and attempt to hit either other participants or innocent bystanders with airsoft pellets.
"Dude, I totally pwned this dude in the butt while we were playing drivesoft the other day. He had no idea what hit him! He was just standing there, taking out the trash."
by Ladderwalker January 27, 2009
Laying shirtless on one's back and placing an ice cube in one's belly button. Thought of as clever by trailer trash from the Southern United States. Only effective when the user posesses a ponderous beer gut.
"Earl! Why you layin' all up in the hot sun like that?"

"It's nuthin' Martha; I got's me my core cooler"
by Ladderwalker January 27, 2009
A run-down bathroom, much less desireable than a Water Closet.
George was forced to brush his teeth in the rancid Water Hole.
by Ladderwalker January 29, 2009
Urinating in an open container while riding in a moving car. The phrase originated in 1835, when settlers riding the Oregon Trail were forced to relieve themselves in a large Stetson hat, to avoid stopping their wagons for fear of Indian attacks.
"Geez Jimmy, would you drive a little smoother? I'm filling up the stetson right now, but since you're driving like a maniac, it's splashing around everywhere."
by Ladderwalker January 27, 2009
The act of separating sticky or sweaty undergarments from the buttox.
Since he had been jogging all day, Joe had to use a spatula to bunpeel his boxers.
by Ladderwalker January 28, 2009

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