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The ecological and environmental devastation that would follow a nuclear war. It is often disputed whether the result would be very hot or very cold. Most scientists agree, nuclear winter would - at first - be very very hot. Then oh sooooo cold. Brrrr.
Example 1: Our hotel room was so hot last night, it was a damn nuclear winter.

Example 2: Our hotel room was so cold last night, it was a damn nuclear winter.
by ladainian the great January 16, 2009
A charming term of endearment for a loved one. For months, scholars have disputed the origin of its usage in this context. Recent evidence, however, suggests it originated somewhere near the Polish/Ukrainian border during the late 20th century.

In most contexts, can be directly interchanged with the 1990s-era American term of endearment, "Schmoopy".
Person 1: "I love you, Luna. You're my Luna."
Person 2: "No you're Luna."
Person 1: "No you're Luna."
Person 2: "No you're Luuunnaaaa..."
Both giggle and embrace in ecstasy
by Ladainian the Great August 04, 2009
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