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Similar to hood rich, except involving rural whites. If you see a doule wide with a collapsing roof, but 4 new cars in the driveway, you know that you are driving by a hillbilly rich family's domicile. Just as is the case with those who are hood rich, the realities of one's personal finances is unimportant. As a result, most who are hillbilly rich have atrocious credit and have possessions repossessed frequently.
My cousins are so hillbilly rich that they cant afford to pay their electric bill. They would have had the money to, but then they bought a new Tahoe (they had to get something to replace the Mustang the repo guys came and got). I cant blame them, though, because it would be more fun to be hillbilly rich than poor.
by lacoste_lover December 03, 2005
A terribly unsuccessful attempt at the goth look that leaves the wearer looking a few chromosomes short. This most often occurs amongst A. those who are too poor to spend more than a dollar on any look (and in fact, probably do live in trailers) and B.yuppie puppieswho most likely got distracted by the shiny chains in Hot Topic on their way to J. Crew.
Parker and Tiffanie are a very happy trailer trash goth couple. Tiffanie's black eyer liner has now made it's way down to her lips so as to distract people from the bruises her second baby's daddy gave her when he came for a visit. Parker looks just a bright in his black pants with the attached chains topped off with his father's sweatervest.
by lacoste_lover September 28, 2005
People who's low class roots continue to show despite their affluence. These people prove that you can take the person out of the trailer park but you can't take the trailer park out of the person. Such classy items as limited edition pick up trucks, signed Nascar memorbelia, and stereo systems the size of a small car all serve as proof that the rich redneck is a valuable demographic to not be overlooked.
My best friend has the unfortunate hobby of not only chewing tobacco but also spitting it on his parent's new oriental rug. His father drives a limited edition pickup truck, his mother's Mercedes has more bling on it than Snoop Dogg, and the family uses the yard for target practice. They are serve as shining examples of what a rich redneck is.
by lacoste_lover July 26, 2006
They are to truepreppieswhat WalMart sneakers with 4 stripes are to Adidas. While a true preppy wears Ralph Lauren and Lacoste, preps reek of wannabe neuvo riche with Abercrombie mini skirts and cheap American Eagle polo shirts that they're quite proud of. Their parents drive minivans and live in tract housing but still beleive that they are better than everyone else. Unlike preppies who may or may not be popular, preps are insecure popular snobs.
The prep bought a five year old Camaro and went to buy a dress shirt at Hollister. For this, he beleives that he is better than everybody else.
by lacoste_lover September 28, 2005
The most retarded, unpleasant conformists alive. In a pathetic attempt to boost their own self-esteem by being "different", nonconformists put down everything that is accepted and liked by mainsteam society. The problem is, this doesn't actually mean they aren't conforming. They're simply conforming to the standards of their counterculture.
I have no problem with people wearing black and listening to bands I've never heard of (common features among "nonconformists". I respect their choice not to "conform". Yet inevitably, they have no respect for my choice to wear pink polo shirts and Coach bags while listening to popular music. They say I'm a conformist-ironically, their friends look a lot more alike than mine do.
by lacoste_lover July 21, 2006
The guy you sit next to in class who's killed so many brain cells with drugs that he has to ask "Dude, where am I?" every five minutes. A burnout is a stoner who didn't stop until every last brain cell was fried, and even though every brain cell is now fried, is still smoking at least five blunts a day.
Burnout: "Dude, where am I and why is everyone being so quiet?"
normal person:"This is your brother's funeral"
burnout:"Ah man, that sucks. Wait, I had a brother?"
normal person"Yeah"
burnout:"Woah, that's crazy! Wait-did you know that when I hit myself in the head it sounds like it's hollow?"
normal person: "Why am I not surprised?"
by lacoste_lover July 15, 2006
'Big Beautiful Woman'a term used primarily by women who have not seen their feet in several years but would still like to beleive that they are every bit as attractive as girls like me who realize that a five pizza a day habit wrecks the appearance. Obviously, they are not by the fact that only the truly desperate would date one of the 'BBW' types. Porpulous ladies, go back to accentuating your good personalities rather than trying to pass yourselves off as attractive.
I am a BBW seeking a man who shares my love of fried fruit pies and my hatred of having to walk from the couch to the refrigerator.
by lacoste_lover October 04, 2005

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