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A guy who is ugly yet hotter than hell. A guy who you don't exactly think looks good or fine, but has this sense of hotness to him. Something that attracts you to him other than just his looks. In this case - John Mayer's voice and lips. WOO HOO
The singing artist....John Mayer
by Lacey April 18, 2005
Something resembling a cockslap. Usually across their other partner's face or genitals.
Mary confessed to her boyfriend that she just gets wild of being wanker spanked.
by Lacey January 18, 2005
Someone who is used by another just to say they have extra hoes. AKA ... Said to be a Player.
My boyfriend's little brother thought so much of himself he claimed to have at least 2 side-salad's, excluding his girlfriend.
by Lacey March 27, 2005
A phrase used to show scorn; can be used by/directed at either gender.

Also an interesting catchphrase used by the hottest girl in the world, Hannah Ranck, when speaking to me about certain people we dislike.
She called you a bitch? Tell her to lick em.

World War II baby, LICK EM!
by Lacey February 10, 2004
hey- u really don't know me that well but I think ur really nice, and alot of people are prolly just jealous of you.
I think your gorgeous.
u just seem like a really cool person that's outgoing and fun to be around.
by Lacey November 22, 2003
Mal- i think your a good friend and people just need to mind there own damn business, really u have always been there for me and thats why u shouldn't listen to what these people are saying. nobody has ne right to say anything!
you just simply a sweet girl!
by Lacey November 22, 2003

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