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20 min of your life where u actually have to drive perfectly. aka known as 20 min of hell
Driving Examiner: im sorry u have failed ur drivers test because back at that stop light over there I believe u proceeded to take ur left hand off the wheel and that is not safe my friend.
Guy taking the test: Alright?
Driving Examiner: U also were going 35.5 in a 35 mph zone
by labigsnoopac January 18, 2013
Possibly the worst department ever created/designed. U walk in and u wait for 7 hours just for them to direct u to another window to wait 8 hours. aka the worst place ive ever stepped into in my whole life.
Wife: Honey, how was the dmv?
Me: Great I only had to wait 5 hours instead of 15 this time!!!
Wife: Wow!!!!!! they must have been working really fast today
by labigsnoopac January 18, 2013
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