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Awesome band with a lot of hits, and rightfully so. Their songs range from the bright, poppy sound of Just Can't Get Enough or New Life to the dark, dreary sound of Fly on the Windscreen or Black Celebration
shut up that rap and put some depeche mode on
an awesome country full of glens, lochs, mountains, islands, tartans, castles, great food, and the coolest accents
go to scotland for vacation, it's the shit
awesome bassist for the cure

and he has awesome hair =D
let's go listen to lovecats it has awesome bass

smart person: simon gallup is the awesomest bassist ever

dumbass: yo let's go listen to 50 cent

smart person: you, my friend, are a dumbass
what fucktard tourists call new york
just call it the city, ok?? people hear hate it called the big apple
1. blood
2. al gore
3. martin gore
martin gore is one of the best songwriters and singers ever.
a town in long island, and most of the kids are shitty brats
that kid from bay shore is such an asshole

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