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a Lady in the truest sense, will not go where she feels unwanted or uninvited.
person 1: Why isn't Leah at the party?
person 2: She wasn't invited by the host on FB.
person 1: So? Other ppl crashed it!
person 2: Well, Leah's a lady, she's not rude like them.
by la3byrd March 18, 2010
the name of a truly assertive woman, who will not give up her namesake of "free" unless a truly amazing suitor makes himself and his true intentions known to her in person face to face
person 1: Wow! I can't believe Francesca ripped his heart out like that!!
person 2: What did you expect?! He lied to her!
person 1: How can you tell?
person 2: His body language!
by la3byrd March 18, 2010

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