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Kids these days who want things such as "world peace" and to stop "global warming" because "it is all our fault" because "we are wasteful and don't recycle and are selfish."

Basically, these kids want what Al Gore wants, an end to "global warming" and some world leaders solving their problems. Modified hippie/hippy principles, though most of them don't smoke pot. They buy 100% "organic" bags that have SAVE THE WHALES/POLAR BEARS/NORTH POLE/OZONE LAYER/EARTH emblazoned on the front that "support the fight against global warming" and don't object to socialized healthcare.

These kids are clueless, most of the time, and just want to be "politically active" without being politically active.
That girl Mary bought a "Save the North Pole" bag form Timberland and wore peace sign earrings and started preaching to us abouthow we should share what we give and recycle. She's sucha a bogus neo-hippie.
by la la la lauren! November 30, 2007

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