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17 definitions by la la la la la la la

the quickness governs all. high ruler in the land of belchum. the quickness does things, but is NOT used. The quickness only takes visible form when executing someone, and that is when it takes the form of a giant hand with a protruding pointer finger. Acceptable answer for any question who's other acceptibal answer you do not know. The quickness shall always be obeyed.
dude..... quickness.

fa sho
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA July 28, 2004
the ultimate in vandelizing substances. a combination of a weeks worth of food court products off of the floor, liqour, lacure thinner, paint thinner, propane, kerosine, boiled pepsi, camper fuel, moldy french fries, chocolate milk, ranch salad dressing, crushed peanuts, coffee grinds, oil, axle grease, hair spray, mouth wash, rubbing alcohol, tooth paste, and pepper.
then, it sat in the same bottle for 6 months.
jesus! is that the emperor?

yes. it is.

dude... it looks like greenish chocolate milk

i know. i know

that's sick.....
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA September 13, 2004
a good way to loose weight, when done at HOME on a CONSOLE! Not an acceptable form of social outing, especially if one cannot play the game, and if one does not have the decency to take a shower when done.
Damn Dancing Retards.
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA September 13, 2004