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After eating a tasty bag of spicy, Hot Cheetos, you will feel the urge to use the poo palace to relieve yourself. You will have a most undesired spicy butt hole. Slightly before and after the Cheeto Attack, you will experience the occasional groan coming on. Cheeto Attacks are NOT pleasant. (except for the rare masochist)
"oh no.... i feel a Cheeto Attack coming on!"
by la bandit October 26, 2009
a fickle sort of male who makes women and naive little girls fall in love with them by incessent lying. He then dumps their sorry ass for his new intriging love affair and makes them cry little girl tears. He believes he is complex and nice... he is lying to himself.
"We've only been dating for a week! And he dumped me this morning for that girl? I can't believe he pulled a Caden! i was sure he was the ONE!"
*boo hoo*
by la bandit October 26, 2009
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